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What up my Dudes and Dudettes. This is Edwardo Here or ED. Some call me Special Ed some call me Fast Eddie. I am just a local mechanic but love running around fishing and mining. Gotta make that bank somehow when not on the clock. I have great driving skills and even better flying skills. By the way did anyone see a Black Luxury jet sitting on the side of the highway up next to Sandy? I couldn't remember where I err emergency parked it for a moment. Had to grab something to eat then forgot which way to go. Oh well. Hope I can help you guys out with your mechanical needs or if you need someone to take you around the city in a heli-chopper I can do that too. I think it's a little boring flying in jets but if you wanna see what the streets look like between buildings at jet speed I can definitely give you a thrill ride you won't forget! other than that glad to meet you all and can't wait for 2.0!

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