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Lineage RP Rules 2.0

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Lineage RP is creating a FiveM and Gaming community which is welcoming to everyone.  Our aim is to create a GTA V FiveM Roleplay server which is free from toxicity.  In order to do so we have adopted the following rules for our Discord and in-game FiveM server.

General Guidelines
Applies across all Lineage RP owned and operated properties including Forums, Gilded, Discord, and Game Servers

  • Hate Speech or Sexual Harassment will result in an immediate and permanent non-appealable ban from Lineage RP.

  • Bullying, trolling, and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Political and Religious discussions are not allowed

  • Spamming any chat, forum topic, meeting chat, etc is not allowed.

  • Be courteous, positive, and respectful at all times

  • Messaging any member of Support, Staff, or Council directly about your application, bugs, or ANYTHING that should be filed in a ticket is not permitted.

  • Recruitment for any other GTA roleplay community is strictly prohibited within our Discord or through DM to any member of our Discord.  This will result in an immediate ban.

Server Rules


  • Age Requirement for Whitelisting is 18+

  • A working good quality mic is required.  You must be able to talk while in the city.

  • Names must be realistic and not offensive and cannot be that of a celebrity or well known person.

  • Being toxic or breeding/encouraging toxic behavior across any platform can lead to a removal from Lineage RP.

  • Usage of /OOC chat in the city is strictly prohibited.

New Life Rule

  • Your character only dies permanently if you decide to kill that character off.

  • Your character forgets all the events and scenarios that led to your death.

  • Upon dying during active roleplay you are not permitted to return to the scene of your death for at least 30 minutes.

  • You are not permitted to carry out revenge of any kind for actions that led to your death.


  • If you are found to be cheating, hacking, or using an exploit for your benefit in the city you will be banned.

  • In-game exploits/bugs must be reported.  Failure to report these bugs may result in a temporary/permanent ban.

  • You cannot transfer any money, items, or vehicles between your characters.  This includes transferring money, items, or vehicles to another player to then transfer back to your other character.  In the event of this happening all players inventories involved will be wiped.  Violation of this rule may result in a temporary/permanent ban.

Staying in Character

  • You must stay in-character at all times.

  • In the event there is an issue that arises, finish the roleplay scene.  File a player report after the conclusion of the scene.  Do not tell someone you are filing a report or they broke a rule.

  • If another player breaks character you are expected to remain in-character and not break character yourself.  Do not let another player bring you to the point of breaking server rules.

  • Staff may be required to intervene in a scenario while in-city this may result in an OOC discussion.  You will be asked if you have a body cam or gopro active.


Vehicle Deathmatch and Random Deathmatch VDM/RDM

  • Attacking another player or group of players without any story or roleplay having been initiated to lead up to it.

  • Attacking another player or group of players while using a vehicle with the intent to injure or kill them without valid reasoning or roleplay leading up to it.  This also includes the act of ramming vehicles at high rates of speed.


Combat Logging

  • Logging off the server during RP or death scenarios to avoid losing your in-game items is not allowed.  If found to have done this your entire inventory may be wiped.

  • If you get away after completing any criminal activity you should remain on the server for a period of time.  Do not immediately log off the server to prevent potential further interaction with police.



  • Using information that your character did not learn in-game to shape in-game roleplay.  This includes information obtained from watching streams, discord call/chats, and any other out of city interaction.

  • Watching streams while playing in-city is also metagaming and is a bannable offense.


Powergaming, Ignoring RP, and Fail RP

  • Use of mechanics outside of the game to gain an in-game advantage.

    • 3rd party dots being added to your screen to aid your in-game aim

  • Driving at unrealistic speeds with no valid reason repeatedly.

  • Stating you have a hostage when you don’t or using a friend as a hostage and paying them off later.  You must completely roleplay out the scenario of taking a hostage and the hostage must be authentic.  When asked if you have a hostage you cannot lie and say you do when you don’t. 

  • Starting a robbery and leaving without justifiable reason.

  • You are expected to actively engage in roleplay that is taking place around you while on the server.  This does not mean constantly talking but you cannot turn away a roleplay opportunity.

  • Cop Baiting is not permitted.

  • Not acting out your injuries or running away from Police/EMS prior to obtaining medical treatment.

  • Carry trains are not permissible.  When using the carry function you can have a total of  4 people in a 2 door vehicle, 5 people in a 4 door vehicle, and 2 people while on a motorcycle.

  • Stealing emergency vehicles is prohibited.

  • Brining a motorcycle inside a building to use as your getaway vehicle during a robbery.

  • Robbing someone, including police, with the sole intent to take their weapons and/or items is considered powergaming.  Taking items and weapons is permitted when kidnapping someone.

Group Roleplay and Kidnapping

  • Criminal roleplay is restricted to 6 players.

    • All robberies and the planning of said robberies are included in this limit.

    • Groups with more than 6 players must keep this limit in mind and cannot exceed this unless for group/gan/org meetings.

    • This limit also applies to planning, taking, or finding a hostage.

  • Gang Wars

    • In the event that two rival gangs are going to be at war, a ticket must be filed to inform staff.

    • The attacking gang is limited to 6 players.

    • The defending gang is limited to the players that are present at the scene of the attack.  No other players are permitted to join or come to the defense of the gang.

  • Kidnapping is allowed within reason.  If you are being kidnapped you must follow the Fear RP/Value of Life guidelines.

    • Kidnapping of EMS while they are on-duty is strictly prohibited.

    • Kidnapping of LEO is allowed but only if there is a minimum of 4 on duty.


Value of Life and Fear RP

  • Not realistically fearing for your life when threatened.

  • Continuously running away from Police/Gangs when a gun or other weapon is pointed at you.

  • Using a melee weapon while actively being shot out unless it is your only weapon or you have ran out of all other ammunition.

  • Antagonizing gangs/police or other armed individuals for no valid roleplay reason.

  • Inserting yourself into ongoing situations/shootouts between two groups or one group and law enforcement.

  • If you decide you want to permadeath one of your characters you need to let a member of staff know through our ticket system.  If during an active and engaged roleplay scene you decide it is best to perma your character this is permitted.  But be advised this decision is final and cannot be reversed.  By declaring your character permanently dead you forfeit all items or vehicles your character has.


Green Zones

  • All criminal activity is banned in all green zones across the map.  Green zones are listed below.

    • All hospitals across the map

    • All city owned garages (not personal garages)

Edited by Dennrick
3/3/21 Wording change for robbing other players.
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3/3/2021 Wording Change for Robbing Other Players
The following rule under Powergaming, Ignoring RP, and Fail RP is being changed:

Old Wording:
Robbing someone, including police, with the sole intent to take their weapons is considered power gaming.

New wording:
Robbing someone, including police, with the sole intent to take their weapons and/or items is considered power gaming.  Taking items and weapons is permitted when kidnapping someone.

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