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Hillbilly Joe/Mia Lulu

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Hillbilly Joe here.. im a simple fellow from the hills and sticks that came to the big city.. seems i was deemed the riches hillbilly in the city by the police.. If that will hold true we shall see.. like my cars and women fast.. try to keep my self clean but a bored hillbilly in the city can make for a bad mix.. also a mechanic at benny's if ever need anything..


Mia Lulu is my name. This asshole above is my father though we do not claim each other or get along. Most will know me from my cotton candy hair and that I'm EMS. I have a sassy attitude and will talk to everyone and anyone!  I love majority of people.  But if you cross me, you will know about it!!  I'm not afraid to speak my mind, so please don't take everything I say to heart!  I'm a hard worker but also love to have fun and enjoy life!  

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