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  1. This Bojangles character sounds like he might be bananas.
  2. He hasn't been in to see us yet as far as I know. I'm sure Z can handle it.
  3. Hey everyone! Carrie, your local slightly sassy, undecisive, yet hopefully cool Medic here. I've been in the city about a week now, and I feel like I've helped so many of you in that time. Thank you for remembering that the souls in EMS do need some RP while we are working, hanging out with us at Legion, and dealing with all of our questions and tests like champs. I do stream on Twitch, typically FPS games and haven't streamed RP yet, but it's in the works. If you hop in my stream you can call me Nellz. Excited to meet more of you in my time on and off the clock!
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