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  1. I'd like to move into the country, eat me a lot of peaches.
  2. There goes the neighborhood watch. They are tough.
  3. If you become a cop and they let you drive, you are bound to run into everyone...
  4. Sounds like a great straight to home dvd rental. Can't wait!
  5. I was Cobra Commander on GI JOE.
  6. Are you mad at your dad because he quit his jug band to move you to the city for a better life, and dental care?
  7. Everybody love everybody!
  8. worst introduction ever. Sweep the leg next time!
  9. A childhood electrical accident, sorry.
  10. There was a guy who lived in Pennsylvania back in the day who they called the green man. He was hit by lightning or something.
  11. Hello there adventurer, The introductions ahead are a perilous journey. Should you survive, your renown would increase and all will know you as Imitation Shaggy.
  12. Do you know why you are green? Too many leafy vegetables? Weird fungal growth?
  13. kraKen


    So you shall bring electric vehicles that still rely heavily on fossil fuels for construction, assembly, and then charging? Thanks!
  14. did you know about 99 percent of a pandas diet has no nutritional value?
  15. kraKen


    Hello Jeffy.
  16. Death Adder thinks hes the only one with an australian accent, clearly hasn't met jsmoof.
  17. I'd suggest walking the lines in the middle of the roads here in the city, it's way safer than the sidewalks.
  18. Who's the guy in the weird black suit on the leash?
  19. You couldn't be any more negative than taco tuesdays lol. Stream on!
  20. Were you guys able to identify that fungus on Kipp's back yet?
  21. kraKen


    Hello. How is Scotland? Psychiatry can be fun.
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