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  1. he is just "Monkeying "around... 😛
  2. also, if I can get a friend to join you guys are in for some carnage RP lol, we have a great pair of characters but I need to get him in
  3. Smudge gaming here but you can call me Bubbles, everyone else does 🙂 or to a lesser extent Bojangles 🙂 I am currently a 36 year old father to a wonderful daughter, miss her seeings I cant spend time with her during this covid malarky but hey I hope too soon, same with the misses. Been gaming for many decades and love retro gaming ie NES and Megadrive area and onwards, I have been RPing in the fiveM world for a few years mostly going the LEO route, but have recently moved over to the EMS role. I have enjoyed meeting you guys so far and look forward to seeing where we all
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