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  1. The girl part sounds like my former exwife - she got divorced again recently from the guy after me, lol
  2. Nope wasnt me. Noob maybe better suited which Im sure you already knew 😂😂
  3. oddly enough, i dont eat enough veggies.
  4. im old too (47) so im right there with ya on that on starting out on this...
  5. But its great for people watching. just use a rebreather
  6. Hey there, my RN is Justin but go by Seabear which i kind of changed it for the gaming scene to SeaBearLife74. So going forward, think of me as that. Not going to lie, Im still very green thru and thru but am positive that I will mark this as a successful accomplishment asap. currently running on Lappy only for now with slave (pardon the reference) screens. Appreciate any insight and help acquired. Looking forward to being a new "citizen" of the city.
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