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  1. 3/7/2021 Rule Addition for disclosure of the Server/Teamspeak IP Address Server and TeamSpeak IP address is not to be disclosed under any circumstances to anyone. IP address must be blacked out on any screenshots/pictures posted on Discord or the forums. Streamers should enable streamer mode in FiveM settings to prevent the disclosure of the server IP address. If the IP address is disclosed by anyone it will result in a ban of no less than 7 days. 3/7/2021 Rule Addition under General We
  2. 3/3/2021 Wording Change for Robbing Other Players The following rule under Powergaming, Ignoring RP, and Fail RP is being changed: Old Wording: Robbing someone, including police, with the sole intent to take their weapons is considered power gaming. New wording: Robbing someone, including police, with the sole intent to take their weapons and/or items is considered power gaming. Taking items and weapons is permitted when kidnapping someone.
  3. Lineage RP is creating a FiveM and Gaming community which is welcoming to everyone. Our aim is to create a GTA V FiveM Roleplay server which is free from toxicity. In order to do so we have adopted the following rules for our Discord and in-game FiveM server. General Guidelines Applies across all Lineage RP owned and operated properties including Forums, Gilded, Discord, and Game Servers Hate Speech or Sexual Harassment will result in an immediate and permanent non-appealable ban from Lineage RP. Bullying, trolling, and disrespectful behavior will not be tole
  4. This thread will be kept for announcements about upcoming community meetings. Our next community meeting will be on Saturday 2/13/21 at 12pm EST.
  5. Welcome to the forums! Choose your path wisely.
  6. Hopefully you can get into the city without issues now! Welcome to the forums.
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    Awesome! Welcome to the forums and look forward to seeing you in the city soon.
  8. Welcome to the forums!
  9. You are a horrible person! Welcome to the forums!
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