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  2. 5/24/2021 New Wording As this is an escape from reality and meant to be an enjoyable experience for all, we have decided that a zero tolerance policy on rp including rape, terror, racism, sexism, sexual harassment, sexual RP, suicidal RP, pregnancy, or miscarriage role pay will be enforced on the server. Please avoid these situations in your role play as violations may result in perma bans.
  3. Fat rip here I am giving intro about me really and it’s about my character. Sorry guys lol
  4. Hello everyone let me tell y’all a little about myself. My name is Brandon by I go by JOKA got the nickname when I was 5 and here I am a week away from turning 30 lol Worked hard Manuel labor jobs for 10 years till I got diagnosed with chronic migraines which happen everyday now. Streaming is my career now. I love it, I also make hip hop music, fish, write horror stories and spend a lot of time with the family. Been streaming for a year now was on mixer now twitch. Couldn’t ask for a better community.
  5. Character Name: Lyeadin Lenoire Player Name(Discord): @Lyeadin#2173 Race: [Race – optional] white Gender: [Gender – optional] female Current Job/Occupation: [Current whitelisted job (paycheck)] Paramedic Previous Residence: [Where you came from] Came from a small suburban town a few hours out from Los Santos Current Residence: [Claimed in-city residence] Tinsel Towers CHARACTER BACKSTORY Physical Description: [Brief description of how your character looks] long red hair, has a fascination for the colors black, red, and white. At work she wears either the blue hoodie or polo
  6. 3/7/2021 Rule Addition for disclosure of the Server/Teamspeak IP Address Server and TeamSpeak IP address is not to be disclosed under any circumstances to anyone. IP address must be blacked out on any screenshots/pictures posted on Discord or the forums. Streamers should enable streamer mode in FiveM settings to prevent the disclosure of the server IP address. If the IP address is disclosed by anyone it will result in a ban of no less than 7 days. 3/7/2021 Rule Addition under General We
  7. 3/3/2021 Wording Change for Robbing Other Players The following rule under Powergaming, Ignoring RP, and Fail RP is being changed: Old Wording: Robbing someone, including police, with the sole intent to take their weapons is considered power gaming. New wording: Robbing someone, including police, with the sole intent to take their weapons and/or items is considered power gaming. Taking items and weapons is permitted when kidnapping someone.
  8. Hello special Ed.
  9. What up my Dudes and Dudettes. This is Edwardo Here or ED. Some call me Special Ed some call me Fast Eddie. I am just a local mechanic but love running around fishing and mining. Gotta make that bank somehow when not on the clock. I have great driving skills and even better flying skills. By the way did anyone see a Black Luxury jet sitting on the side of the highway up next to Sandy? I couldn't remember where I err emergency parked it for a moment. Had to grab something to eat then forgot which way to go. Oh well. Hope I can help you guys out with your mechanical needs or if you need someone
  10. he is just "Monkeying "around... 😛
  11. This Bojangles character sounds like he might be bananas.
  12. Peaches are amaze balls. when you find them please notify.
  13. I'd like to move into the country, eat me a lot of peaches.
  14. There goes the neighborhood watch. They are tough.
  15. Jhonny here aka Big J I'm 37 Yrs young have enjoying life as best one can. Family man and enjoy gaming two of my happy places. Just got into PC gaming and RP has been something I've been watching and loving for years now and I think now is the best time to get involved and learn and enjoy. Want to jump right in and learn and make it and enjoy the city and live a life opposite of what I live now. Would love to get involved into Law enforcement and EMS services to feel that rush and excitement so with time hope that's an option. Hope to meet some new friends and can't wait to ge
  16. Hey Bubbles look forward to meeting you.
  17. also, if I can get a friend to join you guys are in for some carnage RP lol, we have a great pair of characters but I need to get him in
  18. Smudge gaming here but you can call me Bubbles, everyone else does 🙂 or to a lesser extent Bojangles 🙂 I am currently a 36 year old father to a wonderful daughter, miss her seeings I cant spend time with her during this covid malarky but hey I hope too soon, same with the misses. Been gaming for many decades and love retro gaming ie NES and Megadrive area and onwards, I have been RPing in the fiveM world for a few years mostly going the LEO route, but have recently moved over to the EMS role. I have enjoyed meeting you guys so far and look forward to seeing where we all
  19. If you become a cop and they let you drive, you are bound to run into everyone...
  20. After my grandmother who raised me passed away, I had nothing left back home... Figured it was time to move to the city and enjoy a change of scenery. I recently graduated college with a BA in Criminal Justice. After having a hard knock life growing up it's now time to take what I've learned on the streets and at school, and start my path to being hired at the PD. Hopefully we'll run into each other in our day to day lives 🙂
  21. Lineage RP is creating a FiveM and Gaming community which is welcoming to everyone. Our aim is to create a GTA V FiveM Roleplay server which is free from toxicity. In order to do so we have adopted the following rules for our Discord and in-game FiveM server. General Guidelines Applies across all Lineage RP owned and operated properties including Forums, Gilded, Discord, and Game Servers Hate Speech or Sexual Harassment will result in an immediate and permanent non-appealable ban from Lineage RP. Bullying, trolling, and disrespectful behavior will not be tole
  22. The girl part sounds like my former exwife - she got divorced again recently from the guy after me, lol
  23. Hillbilly joe: sounds right to me
  24. Sounds like a great straight to home dvd rental. Can't wait!
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